The course takes place in C-161 Baltzerstrasse 4, Tuesdays, 8:15-10.

COVID certificate is needed for the course.

There is an option to join virtually via zoom (although in presence participation is strongly encouraged): 


Selected lectures by guest speakers may be via zoom only, which will be announced here.

Reading material

The course builds on the Systems Biology book ​by Uri Alon, which is highly recommended.

Recommended further study material:

online courses covering related topics:

Uri Alon: Systems Biology

Jeff Gore: MIT open courseware

For more advanced studies of dynamical systems read Steven Strogatz' s book and lecture.

The booklet "Optima for animals" by R. McNeill Alexander provides a beautiful introduction to optimality principles in animal development and behaviour.er

21.9. Introduction to modelling gene expression by differential equations

28.9. Negative and positive feedback

5.10. Feed-forward loops

12.10. guest lecture: Maciej Dobrzynski (IZB, Principles of moleuclar signalling networks)

19.10. ZOOM only: Attila Becskei (Biozentrum Basel, Transcriptional noise and heterogeneity)

26.10. Toggle switches and oscillatory gene expression

2.11. Exponential growth and optimality

9.11. guest lecture: Claudia Bank (IEE, Fitness landscapes and predictability of evolution)

16.11. Optimality principles in growth and aging

23.11. Cell size and gene expression (change of topic) 

30.11. guest lecture: Alma dal Co (Lausanne, Microbial ecosystems and cell-cell interactions)

7.12. guest lecture: Yolanda Schaerli (Lausanne, Synthetic Biology)

14.12. Recap and Q&A

21.12. guest lecture: Jean Hausser (Karolinska Insitute, Multi-objective optimality)




You can find the zoom recordings of the lectures on ILIAS.

Assignments are due on Tueday 8.15am two weeks after the respective lecture.

Submit them by email to: systemsbiology2021[at]gmail.com or drop them in my post box in Baltzerstrasse 4.

Proven effort to solve 5 out of 6 assignments correctly is required to pass the course.

Every Thursday at 3.15pm before the submission deadline, there is a Q&A session with our TA Aaditya Saxena via google meet: meet.google.com/uwi-somy-ibf

Use the forum below to ask questions about the lectures or the assignments.

Note change of  deadline to 14.12 (you have one more week)

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